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  Top Producers Celebrate Achievements at Annual President's Club Trip  Just like that, another President’s Club is in the books!    This year, our top sellers were rewarded with a trip to Pebble Beach, California at The Lodge at Pebble Beach. The resort is ...[read more...]

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What Affects Your Interest Rate?

Posted by:  Service First
2018-03-25 20:19:44

What Affects Your Interest Rate?   Earlier this week, the Federal Reserve announced a rise in interest rates, causing many to wonder how that would affect their financial situations. But what are all the factors that affect your mortage interest rates?    There are rea...[read more...]

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Mortgage 101 Quiz

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2018-03-08 11:28:02

Mortgage 101 Quiz Are you a mortgage maven or a newbie? This quiz should give you an idea of how familiar you are with home lending!       Question 1: An adjustable-rate mortgage will have the same payment throughout the life of the loan. FALSE As the nam...[read more...]

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